Denver, CO: Mama’s Day Bail Out 2018

Denver, CO: Thur. May 10 – Sun. May 13, Colorado organizers and activists will post cash bonds to free Black Women being held in Denver area jails on low dollar amount bonds, in time for Mother’s Day 2018.

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Mama’s Day Bail Out is part of a national movement to end cash bail in the United States. The Colorado action is coordinated by the Denver Justice Project and Black Lives Matter 5280, in solidarity with activists nationwide committed to collective liberation. Our focus is on Black women and mothers trapped in the unjust system of pay-to-play civil liberties.

In years past, individuals in Denver rallied to free Black Mamas from jail; 2018 marks a coordinated collaboration among organizations to free as many Black Women as possible. We were inspired by Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler and Brother Jeff Fard, who bailed Black Mamas out of Denver jail in May 2017, and who were gracious enough to let us carry that work forward when we approached them for their blessing in 2018.

Our goal is to raise at least $20,000 and to free at least 20 women-potentially more, depending on who is in custody May 9-13, 2018 and what bond amounts are holding them. The bonds we will post generally range from $100 to $1,000 and will be paid in full in cash, not using bondsmen. When Women appear for their court dates, eventually their bonds are released, posted bonds will be returned to DJP/BLM and 100% of the returned bonds will then be reallocated to Black Dad’s Bail Out in time for Father’s Day, June 2018.

This Mother’s Day we ask you to give what you can, in dollars or attention, to this campaign. Countless advocates in cities across the United States are working tirelessly to end the exploitative cash bail system. Donate today!

Donate now to help us #FreeBlackMamas!

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