Black Bail Out: Mother’s Day Update.

Wow! Day 7 = 6 days down, 6 days to go! What a week it’s been; what a week we have ahead. We are just over the half way mark in our 13 day countdown to Mother’s Day 2018, AND we are over halfway at our fund-raising goal.

KEY UPDATES (thanks to your feedback and support):

  1. added contact info (Email DJP) for inmate referrals;
  2. YES we can now post bond in all greater Front Range facilities (money permitting). If you have a loved one or client caged in Denver or now Jefferson, Adams, Arapahoe, or Douglas Counties we are now available to post bonds of $1,000 or less in all of these counties.
  3. YES you can now donate to the bond fund via check. Make payable to “Elisabeth Epps/Black Bail Out.” (EE = Black Bail Out account administrator) Mail to: Black Bail Out c/o Elisabeth Epps P.O. Box 6271 Denver, CO 80206-0271.


JOYFUL UPDATE. Today, May 7 = Day 7 of Denver Mama’s Day Bail Out. We are close to our funding goal, and with your help, Black Mothers who have been too long in cages may be closer to Freedom.

We launched on May 1, a bold collaborative effort to Free as many Black Mamas as possible from Denver area jails in time for Mother’s Day—May 13, 2018. We are humbled to carry forward the labor of love Nita Mosby Tyler, Jeff Fard, Timothy Tyler and supporters gifted us for Mother’s Day / Father’s Day 2017.

As of today, as we pass the halfway mark of our Mother’s Day campaign (Day 7 of 13), we are excited to report that we have raised more than half of our audacious goal of $15,000 to post bails/bonds for Women who cannot afford to pay for their own release from Denver area jails.

Yes we are excited and encouraged, but we are not resting, because what we raised so far is not enough. There are so many women in local jails only because they cannot afford to pay bail/bond—so many women working and wanting and waiting to get free.

In our first 6 days of the campaign, we:
• raised over $8,000 to bail women out of jail;
• garnered the support of over 200 individual donors (donations ranging from $5 to $1000; EVERY dollar counts);
• expanded our reach from Denver Downtown Detention Center to ALL Front Range CO county jails (Jefferson/ Douglas /Adams /Arapahoe);
• secured certain post-release services;
• connected with the indefatigable organizers and activists at National Bail Out Collective;
• engaged dozens of volunteers:
• our legal volunteers visited 4 jails (and counting) for in-person visits to meet with women we hope to bail out, to offer our consent-based assistance with posting bond;
• volunteers beyond the legal profession are continuing to secure transportation, meals, prepare menstrual kits…
• and so much more.

There is no way to justly ‘reform’ the American bail/bond system. The only meaningful reform is abolition: we must #EndMoneyBail. But until we end the exploitative cruel system of cash money bails/bonds, we must work daily to free our Sisters, Mothers, Brothers…from these state cages.

Black people and abolitionists of ALL races have worked together for hundreds of years to buy each other’s freedom: that work continues to this day.

Help us reach our goal, help us raise the $15,000 needed to post hopefully at least 20 bonds in full and to free 20 Black women in time for Mother’s Day. Help us surpass that goal: keeping in mind for each bond we pay $10 bond fees, $30+ jail fees, and 8% processing fee on every donation. [Give today.]

Whether we fall short or surpass our fundraising goal, we will pay for the Freedom of as many women as we can. When those women appear for their court dates and bonds are released, the returned funds will be redeposited into the bail/bond fund for a Juneteenth/ Father’s Day Action and beyond.

Mother’s Day is only the beginning. This action is not a one time event. We are working to create an established community revolving bond fund with the guiding principle that no one should have to languish in jail waiting for their court date only because they cannot afford to buy their own freedom.

THANK you to all who sent warm words of encouragement, donated time/money/resources, volunteered, spread the word. THANK YOU for proving the adage true: indeed we do take care of our own.

We are all we got, but that’s more than enough: WE GOT THIS, WE GOT US.

What a week it has been, and what a week we have ahead. With 6 days down and 6 to go we are well on track…but we still have so much work to do.

Please continue to GIVE, SHARE, and please contact us directly (message me, or email if you know of a vulnerable woman with a bond $1,000 or less who we can help get free in greater Denver/Front Range, CO.

In Solidarity and Struggle,
Elisabeth Epps,
a Black Mama

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