Denver: Juneteenth/ Father’s Day Bail Out.

DENVER, CO: June 6, 2018. Denver Justice Project and Black Lives Matter 5280 are pleased to announce the launch of the 2018 Juneteenth/ Father’s Day Bail Out.

Denver’s 2018 Juneteenth/ Father’s Day Bail Out is part of a national movement to end cash bail in the United States. Coordinated by the Denver Justice Project and BLM 5280, in solidarity with activists nationwide committed to collective liberation, our goal is to raise at least $30,000 and to buy freedom for as many Brothers as possible from Colorado cages June 14-19, 2018.

Thanks to community support and outpouring of love, in May 2018 we raised over $20,000 which enabled us to post 17 bonds to free 14 Mamas from cages in 5 Denver area jails for Mother’s Day 2018.* Our Mama’s Day Bail Out was a success, but it was just the beginning.

Carrying the Mama’s Day love forward, we launched Juneteenth/ Father’s Day Bail Out in the spirit of our ancestors who fought for and bought freedom.

We dedicate this action to the memory of Michael Marshall (pictured above), to his family, and to the memories and families of all those who know the indignity and injustice of being caged unjustly. In 2015 sheriff’s deputies killed Michael Marshall in the Denver jail. Michael was loved, valued, and should never have been jailed on the $100 bond that confined him to a cage for his last days.

Our focus is on Brothers trapped in Colorado cages due to the unjust system of pay-to-play civil liberties. Like Michael Marshall, these men have not been convicted of the crimes for which they are charged, haven’t yet had their “day in court”, and remain in jail pre-trial only because they cannot afford bond.

How the June Bail Out will work:

1) We will focus first on posting bonds for Black, Brown, and Indigenous Brothers in honor of Father’s Day (June 17, 2018) and continuing through Juneteenth (June 19, 2018).

2) We further prioritize our incarcerated LGBTQI Brothers as they are routinely victimized in the jail setting. In regard to cisgendered men, we prioritize fathers, elderly and those with disabilities as they are also routinely victimized while caged.

3) In addition to reviewing public jail rosters, we have reached out to attorneys (private counsel, court appointed and public defenders) in Denver and surrounding counties for referrals to identify people who can be bailed out.

4) The bonds we will post range from $100 to $2,000 and will be paid in full in cash. We do not and will not utilize the services of for-profit bail/bonds companies. Instead, we post entire bonds, not just the 10 percent that would be paid through a bail bond company.

5) Funds raised will be used to buy freedom for Brothers from any/all Denver-area jails (Denver + Aurora jails, as well as Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties) and to keep our families together.

6) NOTE: When defendants appear for court, eventually their bonds are released; those posted bonds will be returned to the bail fund and be reallocated to Denver’s standing community bail fund, launching summer 2018.

***If YOU know someone in a Denver area cage that can be helped by our Bail Out efforts, please contact us at***

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