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Happy 4th of July from the Colorado Freedom Fund! On a day when many Americans celebrate Freedom, we at the Denver Justice Project celebrate liberation and honor all revolutionaries, past and present, working for abolition in Colorado and beyond.

With your love and support, in May we bought freedom for 17 of our Mamas and Sisters for Mother’s Day. In June we welcomed 18 more of our folks out of Colorado cages for Father’s Day and Juneteenth. Now, in July we hunker down to organize, support our freed folk, build, and to prepare for August–when we present the Colorado Freedom Fund to our community!

As we have said since May 2018, our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day actions were the public face of work to establish a standing revolving bail fund in Colorado committed proudly to uncompromising abolition. The bail outs were successful, but they were just the beginning. We at the Denver Justice Project did not set out to just *pay* bail, we set out to *end* bail.

The Colorado Freedom Fund is the result of the constituent-led work that Front Range Colorado activists have been building for years. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together, and are honored to work towards our community goals: (1) ending money bail in Colorado; while (2) mitigating its harmful effects on our people, until cash bond is a thing of the past.

Note: While we are not hosting a formal Bail Out action in July 2018, our revolving bond fund has existed since May 1, 2018 and remains available to folks in need. We are able to pay cash/surety bonds up to $500.* Email CFF project manager Elisabeth Epps to refer a person in a Colorado cage who needs help posting bond. (All bonds posted are done as gifts, there are no loans or conditions attached.)

Have a wonderful July-we will see you in August!
-DJP/BLM, Colorado Freedom Fund

*As of August 2018, we are able to pay up to $500 per person. As we expanded our reach and are posting at more Colorado jails, we had to adjust our per person maximum. If a person’s bond is more than $500 but they or their friends/family are able to post the difference above $500, we can contribute $500 towards the total bond as long as we sign as surety. Contact CFF project manager Elisabeth Epps at (720) 263-0111 for more information.

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    1. Thank you DD! We’ve been looking for folks to build with in Colorado Springs. Look out for an email from CFF coming your way… -EE

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